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5 Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options

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Have you noticed your hair thinning or balding? You might be surprised to learn that there are non-surgical treatment options available that can slow or prevent additional hair loss and may even help stimulate new hair growth.

Supplements & Medications
There are two FDA-approved medications as well as many supplements that are proven effective when treating hair loss. These can be used on their own for both men and women who are seeing the first signs of thinning hair. They are also often used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Another FDA-approved treatment for hair loss, LLLT stimulates growth by targeting the hair follicles. This targeted treatment encourages hair shafts to grow thicker. With a portable device, you can receive LLLT at home and avoid frequent trips to the office. This is another therapy that is used complementary to other treatments, such as a hair transplant.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRP is used for many medical treatments and can help to heal wounds as well as encourage hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma is created from a small amount of your blood. The platelets and plasma are separated; the plasma is used for your treatment while the red blood cells are discarded.

Stem Cells
These highly useful cells can be used for a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments. Stem cells are new and haven’t formed into the type of cells they will eventually become. By injecting stem cells into the scalp, they activate hair follicles that may have been damaged or become inactive and led to hair loss.

Often combined with PRP therapy or other hair loss treatments, microneedling helps to encourage the growth of healthy, new cells in the scalp tissue. This process involves using a microneedling device made of small needles, similar to those used for acupuncture. The needles intentionally and gently injure the skin to encourage a controlled healing process.

Everyone is unique and so is their hair restoration treatment plan. To learn more about all available options, call Kalos Hair Restoration today at (404) 963-0871 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Stong.

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